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Building 69 - Driver Schedules

Schedules will be posted every Thursday or Friday by 5pm for the next week. Any changes made will be finalized by 5:00 p.m. each day and highlighted in yellow. If a car should break down after hours you will receive a phone call from someone to let you know your car is down. Check back often to ensure you are aware of your work days. Scheduled days and shift lengths are always subject to change.  




NOTICE effective 1/28/14   DO NOT arrive for your shift more than 5 minutes early Only people with prior approval.

When calling for a tow truck make sure you specify that you need a FLATBED to tow our vehicles



      Make sure when you load the schedule on your browser you refresh your page to show the last part of the schedule, and updates.

If you do not see “Schedule last updated” at the bottom, REFRESH your page.



**Changes 8/21/14


It is your responsibility to watch this schedule. AM drivers check before going to bed nightly.


ATTENTION: If you are in a car that has the garage shift paperwork Click here you are to fill in the heading, etc. even if you have no issues. All of the vehicles pertain to this paperwork even if there are no paddle shifters. It pertains to ALL shifting, park, reverse, drive, neutral, 1st to 2nd, 2nd to 3rd, etc.




AM Ending 8-24                                               PM Ending 8-24



AM Ending 8-31                                               PM Ending 8-31



**Monthly ALL Driver’s Meetings 3:00pm

watch internet for any changes**

September 24th

October 22nd

November 19th

December 17th


**Useful Info For ALL Driver's

Bevel:  What to do in an Accident Bevel:  Camo Cars High Security Bevel:       Driving in a Group
Bevel:  Cell Phones & Texting Bevel:        Safe Driving Tips

Bevel:   Basic Safety Need to Knows
Bevel:        6 steps to recording a good driver comment
Bevel:                Roush Basic Info Bevel:  Vehicle Evaluation Tips
Bevel:   Dress Code